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Modifications: Dual Control Tandem Training System

Volume One No. 1 Premier issue

Santa, the Tooth Fairy.... and Minimum Sink

"safety standpoint, the advantages of having a instructor ready at the controls if things were to get dicey should be obvious."

"Conventional wisdom says that if you fly with some brake on, you can stay up longer in light conditions. Well, it can be true that your electronics say sink rate is less, but is this missing the point? I think so."


Are You a “Control Freak?” Should You Be?

(on efficient methods of controlling paragliders)

Volume Two No.2 'Photo annual' issue

"Sure, you use the brake toggles, and most pilots use some sort of so called “weight shift” in order to enhance their control over their paragliders, but are those all the possible controls?"


Are You a Lazy Efficient Pilot at Take Off?

(How to get the wing to fly up rather than you dragging it into the sky!)

Volume Two No.4 'Tour & Travel' issue

For as long as I can remember I have been meeting pilots who take off as they were taught, by showing ‘lots of commitment’, running forward energetically whilst dragging their paragliders up in to the sky, normally this will lead to the aircraft diving after your feet leave the ground as the wing passes through the overhead (and temporally forward) due to gravity acting on the pilot, before finally settling back above you."


The physics of Speed Systems in paragliders

(Or weight shift is not just for turns!)

Volume Three No.1 'DHV 2 Wing review' issue

"All paraglider pilots ‘know’ that the speed system “pulls down the A risers”, so first we need to check and see if this, as the expression implies, is true."

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